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Best Doctors in the industry are here

Dr Ahmed Ali

Leader in surgical gastroenterology in India with more than 50 long years of experience.

Padmashri Award Winner and Multiple International Award Winner.

Former President of the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (Tamil Nadu) and Associations of Surgeons (Tamil Nadu).

Dr J Vijayan

Senior Surgical gastroenterologist and Colo-proctologist handling complicated and recurrent anal fistula with flap and surgical oncology including stomach, large intestine (COLON) and anus. Experienced approach to re-operations of abdominal wall hernias and liver related surgeries both by open and laparoscopic techniques.

Dr. Ilavarasi

Medical Gastroenterologist with expertise in Interventional endoscopic procedures like banding ,sclerotherapy, endoscopic dilatations ,ERCP and EUS and treating alcohol and viral related liver disease.Graduated from Madras Medical College and fluent in Tamil and English .

Dr Kamalakannan

Consultant Hepatobiliary, Pancreatric & Gastro Intestinal Surgeon. Expert in complicated liver, biliary and pancreatic surgery, Esophageal and colonic cancer surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgeries, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, liver transplants and colo-rectal surgeries.