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Dr Usha A Shukla

Dr. Usha Shukla is a Medical Director for Dr. Mehtas Hospital, Chennai. She has accumulated a vast experience in the course of her 40 years illustrious career in family medicine. Moreover, she has earned popularity and prestige both, with the quality of treatments she provides. Dr. Usha helps her patients with stress management, ego balance, anger management, relationship management, body pain, and general medical conditions. She has always been interested in public health and is still ensuring that her patients are informed patients and understand the treatment in order to make informed lifestyle and health decisions. Special expertise in maternal and child health care.

Dr Nandita A Thakkar

Leading Infertility Specialist with over 15 year experience with training in Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and Colposcopy. Proficient in Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IUI, IVF and ICSI procedures and Ocyte Retrieval. Internationally Recognized with first triplet delivery by advanced freezing techniques in Sri-Lanka. Fluent in Hindi, Gujurathi and Tamil.

Dr Sunitha Sunil

Friendly Experienced Family Physician in primary preventive health care, health checks. and providing general palliative care. Pioneer in the Home Visit Program for senior citizens and end-stage disorders needing supportive care. Also fluent in Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

Dr Latha Jawahar

Renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with over 35 years of experience in Prenatal Care and Complicated Pregnancies. Proficiency in open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. Former Professor of OBGY. Also Fluent in Tamil and Telugu.